I really want to study abroad but do not meet the listing requirements of a University. Can you help me?

The criteria for admission to Universities abroad have always been a misunderstood subject, which has deprived many students their right to study in a timely fashion. Skylines Study Abroad always offers 5 academic ​​options for each student depending on their academic qualifications and dreams.
However, if these are not up to his / her liking then we suggest either specific ways that increase their success rate in a University of the student's choice, or other Universities that they can join.

How many Universities can I apply tο?

We can apply to however many Universities you want! Truth remains though that the more applications are filed, the greater the chances of success!

I want to study something not listed on your website. Can you help me?

Of course! The information on our website, although frequently updated, it is purely indicative. Please do feel free to come to Skylines Study Abroad in order to discuss in person your options and services depending on your needs and academic qualifications.

I am already a student at a Greek TEI / University and would like to continue my studies abroad. Can you help me?

Of course! Too often students who are frustrated either by the Greek system of education or the discipline they had initially chosen seek assistance from Skylines Study Abroad to continue their studies abroad without wasting years of study.

What is the overall cost of your services?

There is a detailed price list services that we can send you. The final price, however, depends on how many and what services you think you need. Some of the services start from € 150, and of course the first meeting with our academic advisers is FREE in order to make sure that both sides hold high chances of success.

Do you undertake the process and file applications for student loans?

Almost all of our students ask about this service. Skylines Study Abroad undertake, with great success rate, student loans from the European Union for tuition fees and living abroad expenses.

What happens if I am not accepted by the Universities agreed?

Skylines Study Abroad makes every effort to achieve your goal, but is not responsible for the responses of universities, which ultimately depend on the discretion of admissions tutors at the Universities.
Bonus: If none of the universities that we have agreed responds positively to your requests, our office will file two more applications for free to Universities proposed by us. In the case that we still do not receive a positive reply, we will refund you the amount of € 500.

What if I have a problem once I arrive at the University?

Skylines Study Abroad arranges for your all your needs before, during and after the end of your studies. So if there any issue once you are abroad, please do not hesitate to call us 24 hours in our call center for immediate response!

Are there Universities abroad that offer FREE studies?

Of course! Skylines Study Abroad works with renowned foreign universities in Germany, France, Sweden and Denmark where education is ABSOLUTELY FREE! Of course we hold close partnerships in other countries that can help with offers with lowered fees!

Do you hold steady partnership with Universities abroad?

Skylines Study Abroad with its long presence in the academic world has managed to maintain partnerships with numerous accredited universities and colleges in countries like England, America, Holland, Italy, Canada, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania! This way we make sure to always have the best possible result and support of our students before, during and after their studies abroad.