If you are now graduating from Lyceum and your dream is to study in the United Kingdom, without wasting a whole year thinking your grade is too low, SKYLINES STUDY ABROAD can help you with personalized academic support in every step of the process!!

We can send appropriately completed academic applications and achieve entry to recognized United Kingdom Universities, as long as you have adequate knowledge of the English language and dreams of success!!
No… we aren’t miracle workers, we just understand how to appropriately fill out applications with you while maintaining steady and honest communication throughout the process!


UCAS (University and College Admissions Services) was initially formed in 1993, in order to promote a bias free environment where students from all over the world can be educated about their choices of higher education, as well as apply to various institutions within the United Kingdom.  Along with UKPASS (UK Postgraduate Application and Statistical Service), which was established in 2007, they form the two major ports for educational entrance to the United Kingdom.
The application system for both organizations is located online, thus the whole procedure is completed in a fast and secure manner.

In our effort to give you a clear picture of the current state of affairs, please find below the deadlines for applications via UCAS

October 2017: Deadline for receipt of fully completed applications regarding Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary Science courses, and for all courses at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.
January 2018: Deadline for receipt of fully completed applications for the first cycle!
March 2018: Deadline for receipt of fully completed applications regarding Art and Design courses.
June 2018: Applications after this date enter UCAS Clearing process.

Deadline for United Kingdom applications for the current year ends with Clearing at the end of September 2017!


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