Why choose Skylines Study Abroad?

Over 20 years of academic success!

You can apply by yourself... or NOT REALLY

  • Fill out applications for yourself, but can you actually do it with success?
  • What is the correct procedure for academic applications?
  • What is the number of applications received by the University you are interested in last year?
  • What was the minimum level of grade that they accepted? What are the real chances you hold to become accepted?
  • Do you feel lost in the clutter of information? Many university websites are full of information on programs unrelated to your case!

Ask us about study programmes / applications and we will do our best to inform you on time!

Once you file the necessary papers to the University of choice, you have very few chances of being personally informed by tutors about what to do next. Why gamble your request due to lack of communication regarding your case?

You have now been accepted by the University that you like! Where are you going to stay? Which neighbourhoods are safe? Is the contract you are signing in your favour?

Enjoy continuous support from Skylines Study Abroad before, during and after the end of your studies! We are next to you each step of the way!

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