Great Britain is a country with rich cultural heritage, remarkable creative potential and academic identity worthy of respect, leading to long-term preservation of the first position as the most sought after destination for boarding schools. Currently, at least 20,000 parents entrust the education of their children to boarding schools in the United Kingdom, while more than 9,000 children start se

condary education in Great Britain every year!!

The reasons we urge you to trust this pinnacle of academic education are the following:

Monumentary contribution to world science

The British education system so far has been praised for their enormous contribution to the development of science worldwide. Graduates of British schools and Universities form a series of inventors such as Charles Darwin and Isaac Newton.

English Language

The English language is considered the most international and recognizable on the planet. There is really no better place than Britain to set the foundations of the language of modern business and communications; every day children live in an environment where they practice their language skills in real conditions, which enriches their vocabulary even with academic views and expressions!

Longstanding academic tradition, coupled with innovative teaching methods

Modern British education is the result of a longstanding academic tradition, which has its foundations in stimulating creative thinking of each child and promotes individuality. The boarding schools of England fully prepare students for top universities like Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial College and London School of Economics.

World recognized degrees

British Universities are preferred because they provide a solid basis for building the academic life of each child. Employers are of the abilities of British graduates in their skills of communication, self-discipline and proper management of their time. 

Wise investment

Each year schools of Great Britain pass special exams regarding their prestige, quality and modern educational systems used to educate their students.

Cosmopolitan experiences

In every British boarding school, regularly organized social and sporting events allow children to get to know the United Kingdom and other countries, traditions and cultures.


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