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Buckswood School is the quintessential British boarding school, but with an overarching international ethos. The school is located in beautiful countryside near the historical town of Hastings, ‘The Birthplace of England’, on England’s south coast.

Buckswood is home to 220 full-time boarders from the UK and 46 other countries, plus 180 local day pupils, making us 50% British. The boys and girls benefiting from this unique environment are aged 11 to 19 years and are taught junior, GCSE and A Level or International Baccalaureate (ΙΒ).
Buckswood is also unique in the UK in offering a full-time Football Academy throughout the academic year, run by a UEFA qualified coach and youth development specialist.

The school’s owner and Headmaster, Mr. Giles Sutton, lives in the school and so it is true to state that the family atmosphere is genuine. That said it is still a traditional British boarding school where students must wear uniform, where the prefect system is upheld and where we are not afraid to push our students towards their ultimate potential.

Buckswood is a small school by UK standards and for us this is very important. It is a school where all the teachers know all of the pupils, where all of the pupils know each other and, crucially, where the Headmaster, Mr. Sutton and  Head Teacher, Mr. Tim Fish, know all of the students personally. This way we know if a child is happy, or stressed, or underperforming and so on. It is that attention to personal detail that sets Buckswood apart from the rest.

The school’s Latin motto, Ad Vitam Paramus, translates as "Preparation For Life".

This is really the cornerstone on which the school rests. Yes, we want our students to excel academically and to attend the best universities but we also want them to leave the school with their heads held high and to be able, literally and metaphorically, to ’walk tall’ in the wider world.







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