Dive in with our special Total Immersion language programmes!

Learn the language or improve your level fast in the native country, while interacting with natives 24h a day!


Programme 1 - English for Professionals in central London

·                     25 h / week;
·                     6 participants/ group; 
·                     Schedule: morning session + after lunch session- 8.30-15.30 (with breaks)
·                     Rates: 1585 eur/ week for course & accommodation*
This course is tailored towards the needs of experienced working people, who want to study alongside fellow professionals from around the world. The programme addresses your specific English language needs in a professional context.
 Practical skills are developed through presentations, meetings, negotiations, a variety of problem-solving tasks, case studies and realistic simulations. Our partner language school offers exceptional study facilities and many classrooms have interactive whiteboards. Their learning and multimedia centres provide up-to-date resources and facilities.

Programme 2 – Business English Plus in central London

·                     22.5 h/ week;
·                     6-8 participants/ group;
·                     Schedule: 9.15-12.45 (with breaks); 13.30-15.00
·                     Rates: 1200 eur/ week for course & accommodation*
This course combines the morning Business English Mini-Group course (9.15 – 12.45) and an afternoon General English mini-group (13.30-15.00). Study may be integrated with cultural visits outside the classroom. The emphasis is on group work and effective oral communication.                                                                                                                                          
Skills and Themes covered in the morning group: Presentations, Telephoning, Meetings, Negotiations, Correspondence, Marketing and advertising, Financial English, World trade and globalization.

Programme 3 – Immersion Language programmes in your country of choice

Tell us your country of interest and we’ll find the best language programme for your professional or personal needs! Our partner language schools are located in various countries, such as UK, USA, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, China, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey etc.




Your programme, Your office, Your call!


Invest them wisely in your future!

  • We come to you
  • We follow your schedule
  • You learn fast in small groups
  • You learn to communicate fluently and confidently- communicative approach
  • You access your course free of charge (OAED/ LAEK 0.45)

Your COMMUNICATION GOALS are important! 
What will you learn?

  • To communicate fluently and confidently with your international business partners
  • To write efficient and clear e-mails, presentations, reports in your partners’ language
  • To read business magazines, presentations, correspondence and web-site content and be able to understand and render main ideas as well as details
  • To listen to (phone) conversations and be able to reply in a meaningful and appropriate way

Choose one of 4 programmes below, or call at 210 6777779 (207) us for customized choices:

  • Business English Standard: up to 6 trainees/ group; 20-40-60 hours/ level;               registration requirement: Pre-intermediate
  • Executive English: one-to-one training (can be combined with group sessions for role-plays and enhanced communication);                                 20-40-60 hours/ level;                         registration requirement: none
  • General English: up to 6 trainees/ group;                  60 hours/ level;                               registration requirement: none
  • TOEIC preparation (Test of English for International Communication):                                        up to 6 trainees/ group;                                                 40 hours- 1 level;                                     registration requirement: Intermediate


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