Surval Montreux is an elite international boarding school exclusively for girls

between the ages of 12 - 19. Set in an exceptionally beautiful location and

inspirational setting, overlooking stunning Lake Geneva to towering mountains

beyond; the sky really is the limit here!

Internationally Recognized Curriculum

Surval Montreux offers an internationally recognized curriculum consisting of

Foundation Year (12+). A preparation year either for the American High

School Program or for IGCSE and A Levels, with a strong focus on Languages.

English and French are taught as core subjects; girls can also take advantage of the

opportunity to learn German, Italian and Spanish as optional subjects.

• American High School (14-17). The American High School curriculum is

offered to girls who are considering continuing their education at an America


• British IGCSE and Advanced Levels (14-17). The Internationally

recognized British curriculum

• Pre-University & Finishing programme (17-19). A unique 1-year or

3-months programme focused on university entry preparation, languages and

career development. Additionally, girls are taught how to manage a business,

debating, etiquette, languages and cultural courses including an international

charity project.

Summer Language Camp

Adventure and Opportunity

Surval offers an exciting Summer Camp for girls aged 10 – 16, with an intensive

language course in English and French primarily, with German, Italian and Spanish

offered as an elective. Girls have the opportunity to take part in a range of academic,

creative, sporting and musical activities, as well as participating in charity projects,

both locally and in the wider world. Such activities include art, jewelry making,

etiquette, style analysis, cookery and pastry, water skiing, boarding, sailing, kayaking

and swimming. The school also offers aerobics, ballet, yoga, gymnastics, running,

tennis, walking, volleyball, fitness, hiking, biking, roller blading and dance all year

 round. We look forward to welcoming you to a unique summer experience.

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